What can you create with UnitBase?

Exactly what you need

Big-box software solutions are a thing of the past. You pay a high price for a generic piece of software that is not customizable and includes features you don’t need. UnitBase gives you exactly what you need.

Powerful and simple to use

What makes UnitBase so powerful is two-fold:

  • Ease of use – no technical experience required
  • UnitBase is a flexible, powerful, and scalable solution. We scale and grow with you.

The following is the most popular ways our customers use UnitBase to save time and money.

Contact Management

Contact Management is more than having a list of names and addresses. With UnitBase, record each interaction with contacts and assign tasks and reminders to fully utilize your company’s most valuable asset.

Task Management

Track each project from start to finish. Set and track the most important tasks, milestones, deliverables and project timelines. Share progress with team members and identify potential bottlenecks. Solve problems before they happen with UnitBase’s intuitive platform.

Inventory Management

Poor inventory management costs money. Manage lead times, inventory levels, and track each unit in and out of your inventory. Calculate buffer stock, shipping, returns, taxes, and keep flawless records.

Information Management

You may currently have a database in a simple Excel file or Microsoft Access, for example, containing important business information. Where UnitBase shines in manipulation and organization of your data.