Company Overview:

NAS is an IT services company specializing in developing strategies for the Nikkei group of affiliate companies.

customer pain

The business support center responsible for supporting sales activities within the organization was forced to use a CRM combined with Excel to manage customers and opportunities. The system and process was not flexible enough to meet their needs and they were faced with paying too much for customizations. At the end of the day, they were wasting time and money trying to manage information on disparate platforms.

Why Did They Select UnitBase?

They were faced with comparing several web database products and they determined that the UnitBase UI was the most intuitive for their operations and data requirements. The migration from Excel to UnitBase was also a factor in their decision. It was easy for them to gradually move data from Excel to UnitBase.

How Did UnitBase Improve Their Workflow?

With UnitBase, they successfully migrated their CRM applications within a month. The maintenance time required for customers with large databases decreased by half.

What Our Client is Saying – Inflexible Dedicated Applications and Too Many Excel Files

NAS manages several databases for internet based businesses. The databases are used for customer management, case management, requests for approvals, help desks, and purchase requests. Dedicated applications and Excel were used to handle the data. “Such applications are not flexible and it is not easy to customize them,” said one NAS representative. Also, it costs too much to make customizations. Excel is not good for collaborative work. If someone starts to edit in Excel – others are unable to modify data at the same time. Since Excel files and their macros are increased every day, we cannot maintain them by ourselves. And, it is not easy to find the latest Excel file for specific subjects.”

  • UnitBase is excellent and optimizes their daily workflow.
  • UnitBase is in sync with all of their requirements.
  • UnitBase is an easy to use product.