Company Overview:

Sammy Corporation is a leading developer and retailer of pachinko and pachislot machines systems in Japan.

customer pain

Sammy Corporation has been managing contracts within Excel. As the company has grown, the data contained within their files has increased and has become more difficult to manage within the enterprise. The needed to move from a basic file system to a centralized database to better manage their data.

Why Did They Select UnitBase?

The process of managing contracts for outsourced developments produced several draft versions related to various data points. The ability to access a master record of data became extremely difficult to manage. UnitBase enabled Sammy Corporation the ability to manage more complex files along with relational data. The company also saw value in building custom applications within UnitBase to deal with custom use cases related to contract development.

How Did UnitBase Improve Their Workflow?

With UnitBase, they are able to share and manipulate data within the cloud. Outsourced contracts and supporting information are now accessible to everyone with access to the system. There are no longer problems dealing with disparate files located in different locations. Staff and management efficiencies also improved due to enabling contract access for all reviewers.

What Our Client is Saying – Inflexible Dedicated Applications and Too Many Excel Files

Within Sammy Corporation, a single project required to develop new hardware requires approximately 20 outsourced developers and support staff. Each project can also have up to 20 contracts. “Though we have used Excel to manage contract documents, it has caused some problems regarding the succession of business,” one Sammy representative says. “Entry forms and document locations have been changed whenever job rotations happen. That is not good for us.”

In order to improve contract management, they have started to build a contract management database at the beginning of 2012. They selected UnitBase, because it can save work data and manage work progress in parallel. “What we want to do is not focus on the management of papers at all. We update the content of the contract again and again while we hold meetings with outsourced companies. And finally the contract between outsourced companies and Sammy become fixed. So, we need to save data in each work phase and refer to record histories that are created in every phrase. We also need to know the status of investigations done by legal and need to view the contents of internal meetings about contracts,” says one Sammy representative. “These are keys to manage work progress on contract management.”

The contract database built within UnitBase enables instant access to all documentation related to the project.

Sammy Corporation has already purchased Sharepoint and tried to use it but unfortunately it was not the right solution. UnitBase is not only a data store, but it provided them the ability to create applications linked to data. The detailed record feature, which is able to put multiple sub records in the single main record, is also an important feature for them.

“We want to manage many documents related to the single outsourcing contract as the single record of the single contract.” UnitBase meets this requirement.

“Items which go past due dates are highlighted. It’s a nice user interface. We like to have the ability to see delayed items and/or processes.”

Sammy Corporation has now continued to build other applications in other divisions. Contracts contributors have been given the flexibility to build applications to better manipulate the data.