Do-It-Yourself Database and Business Application Builder

UnitBase In A Nutshell

UnitBase allows non-technical business people to build databases and powerful applications to better organize and manage their day-to-day work. Create, manage, and store data on the web in a user-friendly, drag and drop interface powered by a secure, cloud-computing model.

Benefits of UnitBase


Easily collaborate with team members to achieve set milestones. Specify roles, set goals, and increase communication between key players.


Move away from using basic Excel sheets for data management. Easily manipulate and share data in ways that Excel simply cannot.

Trust Your Professional Expertise – Build What You Need

You know best what you need from your software. Create business applications specific to your needs to drastically improve productivity. Use our custom templates or create your own. Easily upload all of your existing spreadsheet data.

Fully Customizable

Use our templates and customize them as you see fit. Or, create an application from scratch customized to your exact specifications.

Secure Your Data

Using cloud-computing technology, UnitBase keeps your data backed up and secure. Our online database platform is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), an industry leader in cloud based data storage.


What Apps Can I Create With UnitBase?